NYT outlines US Policy changes toward Cuba (a/o 12/17/14)


Pretty cool Prezi presentation on use of the rise of Vodou imagery in Skateboard Culture.

Great article that relates nicely to arguments I make in my book.

This is one of the most beautiful love songs you will ever hear about a country – Marc Anthony’s nationalist ode to Puerto Rico, “Preciosa” (the lyrics & translation are here).

Attached is an article describing an interpretation of Puerto Rico’s recent statehood vote.

While reading the Gina Ulysse, I thought I’d do a search of “Miss Jamaica images” and this is what I found… Here’s another site with images of past winners.

Reggae artist, Etana, illustrates the dilemma of being a “downtown woman” trying to become and “uptown lady” in her video, “Wrong Address”

Isabel Allende on her novel Island Beneath the Sea