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As I watch the Dancehall movie, I realized I had heard the guy who raps and sings on stage in my music somewhere. I figured out that Drake in his song Controlla uses part of the song that the guy in the movie raps. I did a little more research and found out that Drake’s entire album called Views used many Jamaican things beats and rhythms. As one of my favorite artists, I found this to be pretty cool to see how Jamaican culture shapes our culture as well and I never really have noticed it until now. Just thought I’d share this with you!

Here is a YouTube link to the song.


Hi Professor Roland,
Given that we are on the British Caribbean unit of course, I would like to make a song request that fits that. I went to the BVIs over winter break, and while sailing to all the different small islands, my family and I listened to an artist named Quito Rymer, who was born in the BVIs. This song by him is called ‘Tortola’, which is the name of one of the islands in the BVIs. Included is a link and also a picture from break on the island of Tortola. Thank you so much!
-Katie S.

This video was very interesting to me because you see the true values of the Rastafarian religion through this little song. It directly relates to what you said in class today how these songs are really praising their God.