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Hello Professor Roland,

I have found a few artists who were born in the Caribbean and I thought it would be cool to play some of their music before class! Although these songs don’t have anything to do with the readings, I thought they might be relevant due to the artists’ place of birth.

Sean Kingston – “beautiful girls” or “Paradise” (from Jamaica)
Rihanna- “Umbrella” (Barbados)
Iyaz- Replay (Tortola British Virgin Islands)
Sean Paul- “Temperature” (Jamaica)
We are the World 25 for Haiti- produced by Haitian-American musician Wyclef Jean
Fly- Rihanna(Barbados) and Niki Minaj (Saint James, Trinidad and Tobago)

Hope you like them!

Elizabeth C.

Hey Professor Roland,

Here is a song I thought would be good for class when we talk about Jamaica. It is by Protoje, who is from Jamaica, the premise of the song is about the injustice and corruption of the government in Jamaica currently.

Hope You Enjoy!

-Benjamin G.

Blood Money – Protoje


Below I have attached a link to the song “Welcome To Jamrock” by Damian Marley. I chose this song because I thought it had some relevance in our course material. I think Damian Marley’s music is very interesting, as it fuses aspects of Reggae with modern rap. I thought that this was a good example of creolization, taking aspects of popular Jamaican music and American and fusing them together. I think this is especially interesting since Damian’s father, Bob, is a reggae legend. I was able to see Damian in concert roughly seven years ago so I’ve always enjoyed his music. I hope you enjoy the song and find it applicable to our material as I did!

Thank you,
James S